Saturday, 24 March 2012

A Challenge Thrown Down

It's been a while! In fact it's been six months and what has happened in those six months? Nothing actually. No really, in the same place, the same bills stuck around my neck, the same extra kilos around my waist. Wait tell a lie, I did quit my job due to all the stress and politics and responsibility that went with it. I was supposed to take a couple of months off and perhaps travel, get my bearings again and truly decide what I wanted to with my life. I have managed to achieve....hmm absolutely none of that! I've picked up a part time job to make ends meet as I'm the sole bread winner in the house, lack motivation and enthusiasm and passion for anything and just generally feel lost. Am I the only person who feels like this or is it becoming a common occurence in today's rat race of rush, rush, rush??

Recently though I met someone who made me question all of this. Am I the same as everyone else and am I settling for second best? Said person and I were walking down a rocky path of sorts together and this person had judged me on the actions of someone from their past and I didn't really think this was fair. But then it got me thinking - am I like that person from their past? Am I full of promises and never delivering? Am I talker and never a doer? If so and this was how someone else saw me, I did not like it one bit! I didn't want to spend the rest of my life talking about doing things and never actually doing them.

So behind this person's words I saw a challenge. This person wanted me to prove them wrong. But in fact the challenge I saw was to prove to myself that I was not a gunna- do person but an actual doer. The challenge for me was to actually do all the things I had said I wanted to achieve. Pay off debts, finish my studies, perhaps take up more study and save for a new car. I remember once a long time ago, I said to someone I wanted to be successful and financially secure by the time I was 30. Being financially secure by the 30 is now a very long shot, seeing as it's only 18 months away.....but being on the right track to achieving finacial success by the age of 30 is not undoable.

So between now and my thirtieth birthday the challenge is to achieve those goals I previously set out for myself. The journey may be long and hard but the rewards reaped are worth far more. Wish me luck!

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