Saturday, 30 April 2011

Where Does Time Fly?

Is it just me or does the time surrounding Easter, or any holiday for that matter, suddenly become even busier? My work hours increased from a nice four and a half hour day up to ten solid hours, no breaks and dealing with twenty sugar hyped children. This left me little time to get studies done, the house looks like a bomb has hit it and the excercise routine went out the window! And now looking at the calendar it's the first day of May - where did time go???

I'm sure it was only yesterday I was ushering a new year in and vowing to myself that I'd be more organised, enjoy life more and make every moment count. Unfortunately time had other ideas. No amount of diaries, vision boards, to do lists and alarms have kept me on track. Paperwork is piled high on my desk at work along with numerous to do lists, I've promised my car I'd give it a bath for about two months now and my assignments are looking at me accusingly, not to mention the housework impatiently tapping me on the shoulder and a very sad looking bank balance. Amongst running arounding paying bills, working long hours, organising easter egg hunts and various other Easter activities, time has managed to get away from me and leave me with a mess on my hands.

Well I think it's time to get out of this mess. I need to go on a hunt for time and when I find it, utilise it effectively. Determination and focus is the key instead of allowing myself to be distracted. Stick to those to do lists and persevere. Well I'd best be off then instead of playing about online and getting distracted! LOL

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Another day, another dollar

Well here I am on a quiet Sunday updating my blog in order to stave of boredom. Too broke to go anywhere, only enough fuel in the car to get to work for the week and hanging out for my pay cheque on Friday. How many other young twenty somethings face this scenario each week, I wonder...The choice is partially my own and partiarly due to circumstances. I don't have sufficient funds to go out over the weekend and waste on pubs, clubs and various other bits of crap and yet in a way I'm glad of this as I'd rather spend what little spare change I have on bills and debts.

Rising petrol prices, rising food prices, rising utility costs and living with a father who doesn't understand the concept of saving a dollar is starting to take it's toll on my bank balance and my sanity! I moved in with my father a little over two years ago after my marriage broke down and I had nowhere to go. I moved in with a bag of clothes and a pile of debts hanging over my head. A joint loan, maxed out credit card and various other bills and an ex husband no where to be seen. Two years later, I still have a loan outstanding a maxed out credit card and an unemployed father to support. Sometimes I seriously wonder how much longer I can hold out before I go bonkers and break down, rendered useless by the stresses of today's lifestyle...

Sometimes I sit down and think about the kind of life I'd like to live and what I'd like my future to be like and I see my dreams moving further and further away. The hope of owning a place of my own, seems to be nigh on impossible on my small wage, being financially comfortable and travelling the world seems frivolous. I often ask myself will I ever get there, is it even worth it and am I just dreaming? But the thing is I can't give up entirely. How I wish I could! But there is a little spark in me that needs to be fanned in order to get where I want to go. Perhaps now is a good time to reassess my situation and start striving forward....